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Engineering EXPO Information

    Date: Saturday, March 22, 2014
    Time: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
    Location: University of Maine, Orono
    Over 1,500 children and adults are expected to experience first-hand the many contributions that Maine Engineers make to our communities and way of life. Thanks to our sponsors, the first 600 people through the door receive a free T-shirt celebrating Maine Engineers Week.

    Maine's top engineering firms, engineering schools, educators, government agencies, industry, and engineering societies will provide hand on activities and exhibits throughout the field house.  The fun, dynamic, and positive environment will help encourage our youth to pursue careers in engineering and provide a diverse and vigorous workforce for the future. No prior sign-up / registration is required to come enjoy the EXPO... we hope to see you there!


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    Friday, March 21 2:00pm to 4:00pm

    Saturday, March 22  6:00am to 9:00am

    Location - University of Maine Field House (see directions below)

    Unloading Area:   Unload your gear on the left side of the Field House. Use double door to access side of Field House to unload your gear just inside the door. Do not park here for an extended time; this is a fire lane. Keep to the right - closest to the building when you are unloading. Once you have finished unloading, pull around and park; then come back and set up.

    Bring extra extension cords, tarps, and anything else you might find you will need, just in case. Also, if you have larger items that are on wheels, you need to provide plywood under each wheel to protect the track surface. If you are using water or chemicals, provide a good tarp to protect the track as well.

    Note: There is construction going on in front of the Field House. Don't worry, there is access to the unloading area.

    Parking Areas:  After you unload, pull through and park in the Bennet Lot or go around and park in the Corbet or Dunn lots. Click on Map below for more information.



     Exhibition Day: Saturday, 9:00am-2:00pm

    At this time, exhibits will be open for the day. Be ready for 1000+ people to come through the doors today, each searching to learn more about what you do each day as an engineer.  Take this time to help students enjoy the facets of engineering through hands-on demonstrations and by sharing what you do. Tours of UMaine Engineering facilities will be announced throughout the day.

    Food: UMaine will run a concession stand selling food and drink, which can only be consumed in designated areas within the Field House due to the track surface.

    The main entrance to the Field House will be through the Memorial Gym entrance, facing the mall.

    Closing Time: Saturday, 2:00pm-3:00 pm
    At this time, exhibitors should pack up their exhibits.  Table and chairs will be removed by our contractor. 


    University Inn and Academic Suites (Orono):    Directions: Travel I-95 North to Exit 191.  Turn right  off the exit onto Kelly Road. Take a left at the blinking light onto Main St. (Rt.2); Go through town (2 lights); the Inn is across the Stillwater River bridge on the left.  Contact: 1-800-321-4921

    Milford Motel (Milford): Directions: Travel I-95 North to Exit 193 (Old Town/Stillwater). From the south, turn right onto Stillwater Avenue (Rte 2A), proceeding through Old Town.  Travel one mile on Route 2 East. Ten minutes from campus. Contact: 1-800-282-3330 (ask for corporate rate)

    Black Bear Inn: Directions: Travel I-95 North to Exit 193 (Old Town/Stillwater), from the south turn right at Stillwater Avenue (Rte 2A), turn right on Godfrey Drive. Contac: 1-207-866-7120 - ask for the Special "EXPO" rate of $79 a night


    From the South Exit 193:

    • ·         Coming from the south on I-95, take Stillwater Ave Exit #193
    • ·         Turn right towards Burger King and the shopping center.
    • ·         Turn right at the fourth traffic light by McDonald's and KFC onto College Avenue.
    • ·         Take the third left onto Munson Road at the first University of Maine sign.
    • ·         Field House is directly ahead.

    From the North Exit 193:

    • ·         Coming from the north on I-95, take Stillwater Ave Exit #193
    • ·         Turn left at the end of the exit ramp.
    • ·         Drive 1 mile to the fourth set of traffic lights by McDonald's and KFC.
    • ·         Turn right onto College Avenue.
    • ·         Take the third left onto Munson Road at the first University of Maine sign.
    •           Field House is directly ahead.